Thank you for your interest in our event, Frankfort Crafted Market, located at Thorn Hill Education center, 700 Leslie Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.

Note: There will be a small monthly fee of $20 for vendors and $40 for sponsors.

Note: Applications will close the Saturday before the event at midnight.

Date: 3rd Saturday of each month from July thru October.

Time 1pm thru 6pm.


We are always looking for unique items handmade in the Frankfort, Kentucky area.

There are a few key requirements that you agree to by submitting an application:

1.  Handmade items only (sorry, no MLMs or Direct Sales).

2.  Kentucky Based company with your items actually made in Kentucky.

3. If you are serving food or doing product demos you must have insurance and a business license.

4. You must have a tent (you will be required to keep your display inside your tent)

5. You must provide your own table and chairs.

6. All booth spaces are 10x10 feet.

7. Set up will start at 11:30am and end at 12:45pm

8. Vendor parking is at the rear of the building.

9. There will be NO power available and the internet is very spotty.

Note: We will have no power the day of the event so vendors will need to bring mobile payment processing

NOTE: Food Vendors

Frankfort City Health Department

Food and beverage vendors are subject to inspection and permit by the Franklin County Health Department. Every food and beverage vendor must be licensed by the City and be inspected prior to selling food or beverages. Wastewater disposal must be designated on the site plan and provided for food and beverage vendors. City of Frankfort business license or itinerant merchant applications should be received at least one week prior to the event. Operation without a license is prohibited. For more information regarding Temporary Food Permits please see or contact the Health Department at 502-564-7382.

Paper applications can be picked up at the Franklin Center For Innovation at 700 Leslie Avenue in Frankfort. Business hours are from 10am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Any questions, please send a message to

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Frankfort Crafted Market Team